Ultimate Masters – Booster Display (24 Packs) – (release 07.12.2018)


Release Date: 07.12.2018


12 Ulimate Masters allocated to MtgEilat; first come first served.

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    Ultimate Masters consists of 24 boosters, each booster pack contains 15 boosters, 14 regular and 1 premium.


    Ultimate Masters (UMA) brings a host of powerful, sought-after cards—including some of the greatest cards from throughout Magic’s history.

    It’s the last Masters set for the foreseeable future, and we’re sending the series off with a bang: it’s stuffed with iconic cards, including special box toppers.

    The box topper card has a special frame, and its own custom flowwrap. Box toppers include every mythic rare in the set, many of the rares, and two uncommons. (Kitchen Finks and Eternal Witness.)

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CMNDR League S4

1st – Zev – 13.25 points
2nd – Shaked – 11.25 Points
3rd – Joshua – 7.25 Points