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Double Masters 2022 arrives July 8, bringing with it a return of the exciting features of the original Double Masters release in 2020:

  • Fan-favorite cards are available again in boosters—many featuring amazing new artwork.
  • The return of powerful and legendary cards for your next Commander and Eternal format decks.
  • Each Double Masters 2022 Draft Booster is packed with two rare and/or mythic rare cards plus two foil cards.

And, like before, Double Masters 2022 offers a unique, premium draft experience for Magic fans ready for a refreshing twist on play.

But that’s not all to expect with Double Masters 2022!

Double Masters 2022 Key Dates

  • Previews Begin: June 16
  • Card Image Gallery Complete: June 24
  • Worldwide Release: July 8

This time, there are even more ways to collect and enjoy these fantastic cards with Collector Boosters, filled to the brim with beautiful versions of iconic and incredible cards. Plus, every rare and mythic rare in the set will have a foil-etched version—similar to the foil-etched look we’ll share soon for Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate—available in Collector Boosters as well!

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