Entrance is free!

General Rules

The weekly league match consist of 3 games.

In a multiplayer game, the first time a player takes a mulligan, he or she draws a new hand of as many cards as he or she had before. Subsequent hands decrease by one card as normal.

When a player passes priority during their turn, they can take it back if the affected opponent allows it. ie. attacking and then realising your creature would actually die to deathtouch etc, if opponent agrees.

When passing your turn, if the next player draws a card or performs any action, you cannot go back and perform an action you forgot.

If a player kills two/three opponents at the same time, the opponent with highest life comes second.


Commanders must be an original MTG legendary from the Ravnica Allegiance Set. Your deck must be built around the abilities of your commander.

ie. Zegana deck must be built around giving your creatures +1/+1 counters.

No proxies over $10


1st place 3 points

2nd place 2 points

3rd place 1 point



1st place 18 x War of the Spark boosters

2nd place 12 x War of the Spark boosters

3rd place 6 x War of the Spark boosters