• VAT FREE - Important!!!

    Answer: The prices of all products on our website are shown VAT free (ללא מע”מ) because our business is located in Eilat.

    If you live outside of Eilat, our website will automatically add 17% VAT onto our prices and shipping when you “Check Out”.

  • How do I order?

    Answer: How to order on our website – CLICK HERE!

    You can also call me 058-66-777-45, or message us on Facebook (Click Here).

    MtgEilat is located in Eilat and all our cards are tax free in Eilat.

    If you live outside of Eilat, cards cost additional 17% with VAT and shipping to your home address.

    – NIS50 for 24hr shipping;

    – NIS20 for 7-10 day shipping with a tracking number.

  • Do you ship cards outside of Eilat?

    Answer: Yes, we have customers from all over Israel. If you buy cards in Eilat there is 0% VAT. If you we ship cards to you outside of Eilat, there is 17% VAT.
  • How do I pay?

    Answer: We accept Credit Card or Bank Transfer. If you live in Eilat we accept cash.
  • Are the cards you sell authentic?

    Answer: Yes, our cards are imported from a Wizards distributor in Europe. When you order through MtgEilat we guarantee that your cards are 100% authentic, sealed MTG products. When you place an order through MtgEilat, should anything happen to your cards during shipping, we will back them by 100% physical gold or silver bullion.
  • Do the price of Pre-Orders change if I have not paid for the products in advance?

    Answer: MtgEilat pre-orders the majority of our products from suppliers a month in advance based on expected demand from our customers.

    Certain products are WPN exclusive products and since MtgEilat is NOT a WPN store, we could have allocations placed on us. Meaning we will receive less products than we expect.

    In such cases our pre-order prices are subject to change based on the number of products we are allocated.

    In certain cases if our order size is not effected materially by the reduction of a certain product then our prices will not change, however if our order includes primarily a single product, the reduction will increase the costs of our products.

  • Who is the manager of MtgEilat?

    Answer: MtgEilat is run and managed by Joshua Feldman manager of IGASC Ltd ( in Eilat since 2015.

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